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GGTC German Gene Trap Consortium


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 Collaboration / publication policy



Please note that it is not necessarily considered a collaboration in terms of “co-authorships”, when we just send out our clones. However, the "German Gene Trap Consortium" should be acknowledged in any paper that is based on one of our genetrap clones.


We consider it a collaboration, when we are producing mice from gene trap clones on request. Gene trap clones without any further characterization do not have any scientific value, therefore the molecular characterization of the clone, the production of the clone and the production of the mice needs to be considered.


We do offer the custom generation of genetrap mice as a service in case we are (or you can make us) interested in the mutation. We do not charge for gene trap mice so far.


You will find a sample of available genetrap mice on our website. Some of them are available through EMMA, some are frozen as sperm in our department. Please inquire at (tfloss@nospam.helmholtz-muenchen.de; remove “nospam.” first).


Please check back with your legal department in time, whether the Material Transfer Agreement of the GGTC is acceptable for you.